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Vheeds – A Daring Dream!


re we supposed to be like this forever?

 I vividly remember this question asked by my friends to me, the co-founders of Vheeds, while working for a top MNC IT firm, after experiencing one dimensional currency-centric idle approach towards a career. 

Majority of the world’s greatest innovations are the product of one moment, one idea that sparks in the brain. The idea starts to grow within, consuming your thoughts, altering your personality, changing your life forever.When my friends came up with the idea of Vheeds, it turned out to be a passion, a dream rather than just business. It’s a dream to be unique, to innovate, to help, and to be successful. As per the work, the idea promised productive experience, opportunity to work out of the box, to be completely creative with increased responsibilities and infinite fun. So when asked, I absolutely had no second thoughts to be a part of such amazing idea and gladly joined them. 

When we wanted to go ahead with the idea of Vheeds, we had our share of criticisms from every corner. We were about to give up a career, that promised us respect, fame, more money, foreign trips, off the roof success, a safe, comfortable and a luxurious corporate life to be precise. Why would anyone want to give up such a life? For many people we had just crossed the line of sanity there. Unfortunately very soon in our careers, we realized that;

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