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Columnist, Self-Trained Salsa Dancer, Short Film Director, Choreographer, Rap Lyricist and A True Friend. Yes, a multifaceted personality who lives in Chennai and always been close to Vheeds. He writes and strategically analyses startup scenario for Vheeds. He can be reached at

What does a Startup brings out of you? A SUPERSTAR!


o start with, let’s get it straight that a career depends upon an individual’s vision and mission in life. We are the makers and the breakers of whatever happens in our lives because after all we are next to god. Now that might sound too very philosophical, so, let’s get back to what we are here for. Job comparison between MNC and a Start-up.

First of all, as an individual having worked in both MNC and a Start-up, I would like to say that MNC job is like a “dream coming true” and to work in a start-up means “Living a dream” and this says it all with no offence meant. Let’s take a ride down our memory lane and you would realise that we always lived a systematic lives till we get a job in MNC, with books, materials, notes, time tables, preparations and more preparations. Good enough, but what happens when you continue to live the same life even after getting into an MNC job because there everything is pre-written and worked out for you and you MUST follow that pattern. Of course, you will be paid high, given all allowances and comforts but what happens to the real YOU?!

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