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Being a Startup Entrepreneur, (real) Facts and Moments

All the facts here are entirely based on our Start-up life and any resemblance to you or your Start-up is completely coincidental. If any issues rise, we will not settle out of court for a million dollars because we don’t have any.

TWO YEARS! Yes, around 730 days since we started up. We (Co-Founders) have faced both the extremes in our Start-up journey and always cherished the moments that came on our way. VHEEDS – one of the best thing in our lifelist that come true and we planned for a blog post about our two-year ride but thought to start on a lighter note. So, here are some of the facts and moments that we experienced and enjoyed. FACEPALM. 

We pay salary, but we don’t take any.

There are three guys who believed us more than we believed ourselves have joined our team after six months of our start-up. Whatever expenses are on our way through the month, we always kept their salary on top priority. Our salary? Thanks to our friends and family who bare all our personal expenses and preventing us from bankruptcy. 

Mid 20’s, young and Entrepreneurs too but we don’t have a girlfriend.

Mystery remains unsolved. Still we can’t figure out the reason or able to find the root cause for this world’s biggest problem. One of our developers even tried a poetic approach, Continue reading