Celebrating the greatest asset of a startup

Right from Day one at Vheeds, presenting a friendly atmosphere to each and every one of our team is a prime focus. As a part of it, we framed an Awards and Recognition ceremony called “Vheedstar”. Every quarter of a year this event will recognize and appreciate individual performances which brought a great value to Vheeds. We failed to host it last quarter as everyone at Vheeds was really super busy in building an awesome product “Honeytask”. To be honest, last five months were crazy and finally now, we are out of limbo and realized it is a perfect time to party.  Drumroll please!

We have completed our second successful “Vheedstar Ceremony” yesterday where every individual has been recognized for their work and effort. Compared to last time, yesterday’s event was such a memorable one. Here are the recipients of “Vheedstar”. 

01. Murugan R:

He has been a nightmare for the developers at Vheeds. Yes, your guess is right. A QA tester always roams around developers carrying bugs, bugs and bugs. Apart from testing, his major part at Vheeds is marketing. In the last four months he had travelled around approximately 800 Kms and more and brought a greater client base and value to Vheeds Services(Even Cash too J). Congrats Murugan!

Funny Travia:

He has that extra sixth finger and kept it aside only while he bath. We call that finger as mobile. To know more, ask him at murugan.rajamani@vheeds.com 

02. Velu D: 

Enthusiastic and tech passionate guy who felt in love with PHP recently and dating with that so far is too romantic. He had taken care of most of the projects done over last four months and managed it all single handedly. During development of “Honeytask” he slept and woke at a same place, yes infront of his PC. He admires the startup ecosystem and loves to update himself with latest startup scenario. Congrats Velu for all your efforts!

Funny Travia:

We had appointed a separate investigation team to find why all monitors hate him. Yes, So far he has changed atleast three monitors. If you are fan of 007, start investigating him at velu.duraisamy@vheeds.com

03. Raja A:

A traditional and punctual guy who writes that systematic, structured code behind every Vheeds’s project. He has shown that dedication and learnt the concepts in a flash of seconds over the period at Vheeds. We felt that his greatest strength his logical reasoning and shown it plenty of times. He has predefined alarms programmed in his mind and automatically his PC will shut down by 07:00 PM. All the best and Congrats Raja.

Funny Travia:

We often think ourselves as zombies by seeing him. Yaar, He is too punctual and perfect. Please someone advise him at raja.alagesan@vheeds.com


Vheedstars have been awarded with a nice elegant momento and a cash reward to party.

For more event images: http://goo.gl/QQJXd