What does a Startup brings out of you? A SUPERSTAR!


o start with, let’s get it straight that a career depends upon an individual’s vision and mission in life. We are the makers and the breakers of whatever happens in our lives because after all we are next to god. Now that might sound too very philosophical, so, let’s get back to what we are here for. Job comparison between MNC and a Start-up.

First of all, as an individual having worked in both MNC and a Start-up, I would like to say that MNC job is like a “dream coming true” and to work in a start-up means “Living a dream” and this says it all with no offence meant. Let’s take a ride down our memory lane and you would realise that we always lived a systematic lives till we get a job in MNC, with books, materials, notes, time tables, preparations and more preparations. Good enough, but what happens when you continue to live the same life even after getting into an MNC job because there everything is pre-written and worked out for you and you MUST follow that pattern. Of course, you will be paid high, given all allowances and comforts but what happens to the real YOU?!

The Real You

The real YOU always hides itself somewhere deep inside, resting in the comforts of whatever you are doing and paid and satisfied with. It just rests not wanting to wake up, sometimes really want to but unable to. This happens when you understand life in MNC world but then your mind bribes and your heart commits. But, when the real YOU really wakes up, a START-UP is born and this happens when you understand life in MNC world and yet you are ready to create your own world; a world full of dreams, opportunities, hopes, hard work, working with like-minded people and living an adventurous life. 

Being the Boss

A start-up allows you to explore your own ideas which you always kept wrapped for reasons unexplainable or just avoidable; you plan and execute things in your own way. You do not have to follow a particular pattern because you would always work out of the box, being the boss and knowing the positives and negatives categorically. Yes, there are risks involved in a start-up, if a plan does not work, It would for sure take a toll on you, emotionally, financially, morally and in all possible ways, but, at the same, if a plan works, It would give you a confidence to plan 10 more plans and execute almost all of them successfully and that is what matters. In a start-up, you do not just build a career but you build a man in you, a man out of you and this world is ruled by the man and that man is the real YOU! 

To conclude, I would like to say that an MNC is a like a superstar and when you work for an MNC, It is like you are one among the thousand fans and followers of a superstar. But, a start-up makes you a superstar, and when I talk about being a superstar, you tell me what is beyond Rajnikanth?! 

The show begins…

  • Raja

    all the best

  • sathish

    wonderful thoughts flow……….. helpful for any individual who wants to be a super hero

  • sathish

    wonderful thoughts… helps any individual who wants to be a super star…

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    Simple and neat! :)

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    soo true my superstar:):) very good flow:) well said:):)

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    Machi Superb… Start-up

  • Anand Sankar

    Every one in this world works hard until their Heart and Mind gets satisfied. As a fresh engineer in your collage days not many are having specific goals, all have a mind to get selected in campus and get settled, offcourse we cant blame anyone until we are walking on their shoes. So as soon they get into a company they have a feel that as a Man/Women they have succeeded in their life and they quit doing/putting the hard efforts so far they were putting.

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    nice my dear brother, this is the thought in ever ones mind

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