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14 Tech Startups in Asia That Caught Our Eye. It can be hard for small teams of companies to find the right tools with which they can come together and work collaboratively. India-based startup Vheeds believes they have a better solution.

Is Team Management Hassling You? Try Honeytask. Claiming to be a new way to plan, organize and collaborate with your team, Honeytask is not something that is trying to ride the ‘collaboration wave’. “There are lots of task management apps and few team collaborative apps but Honeytask blends both of this features elegantly.

HoneyTask : The collaboration-meets-project management tool for startups and SMEs. There are quite a few collaboration/task management tools out there in the market, but most of them focus on specific aspects of collaboration. For instance, Yammer is more about team collaboration while Asana is more of task management. Ideally, a team needs both and that’s where HoneyTask’s freshly launched product comes to your rescue.

Honeytask Make Managing Projects Sweeter. Honeytask, aims to help project managers, well, manage their products. With features that allow managers to keep all of their projects in one place, use chat as a team communication tool, organize commitments with an interactive calendar, and delegate tasks.

Productivity for Small Teams Made Sweet with Honeytask. They can chat in real time, get notifications about ongoing projects or tasks, assign tasks to team members, schedule events on a calendar, track working times, and even generate reports and timesheets. You can get a better understanding by viewing the Honeytask dashboard

Honeytask's Features

Intuitive Project and Task Management

Plan your projects and set up tasks in a more organized way than ever. Get a panoramic view of all your projects and tasks from a single place and have a greater visibility over what you work. Acquire more nuts and bolts information like comments, attachments, time spent, notes, deadlines, status, priority level and activities of your projects in a single click. Know more..

Revolutionary Productive Chat

Using traditional public IM networks for your business? Your projects and tasks are private to your company and so are your chat rooms. Thus, presenting a revolutionary productive chat system embedded within a project management application. Honeytask has a room for your entire company, projects and even for tasks. Chat with your team and get things done right away. Know more..

Sensible & Interactive Calendar

Calendar is no more a visualizing item alone, Honeytask made it more interactive. Drag, drop and reschedule your events and even your projects with ease. Add/edit your projects and events right from the calendar's grid and get a daily, weekly and monthly view. Be your personal event or professional event, Honeytask's calendar helps you to keep a track of it. Know more..

Instantaneous Time Tracking

Start, Work and Stop! Your time spent for the project is tracked. Yes, it's more simpler than said. Honeytask provides you a cooler way to track your team's time. Time spent for all your current tasks can be easily monitored and get a detailed report of your team's week productivity. Know more..