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Nyabag - A No Brainer Online Task Management Service That Comes For Free. Task management feature works as-promised, i.e. you get alerts via SMS/Email and kudos to the team for cracking the practical perspective of task management.

Nyabag: Web-based task management app, with SMS & email alerts. Nyabag is the flagship product of Vheeds, which is a web-based task management and personalized diary app that helps you to plan, organize and remember your day and you can set alerts for your task/events based on time and date.

A Feature-Rich Task Management App with a Simplistic interface. While selecting an online task management application, you will have many options. What you essentially need is something that offers you simplicity yet functionality.

5 Online Reminder Services To Remind Of Different Events And Tasks. I use Nyabag especially for the tasks that I need to perform again and again and keep a list of those tasks. These lists cannot be created with Google or Yahoo Calendars. This is unique feature of Nyabag.

An Online Planner & Task Management Tool. a web based organizer, task planner and reminder tool that combines a lot of utilities in one interface. It lets you create to-do lists and get alerts for them via email and SMS.


Tasks & Diary
  • Either be it personal or official tasks, we have a single dashboard view to manage all of your tasks. Simple as that!
  • No more hassles, Organize your tasks in a more effective way using LISTS. Seperate list for different types of tasks.
  • Want to add more information to tasks? We have NOTES for you and even record your day with Nyabag's personal DIARY.
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Nyabag Overview

Want to know about Nyabag in a minute? Here you go, a simple video that explains you all the features of Nyabag.

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Reminders & Alerts
  • Forgot to pay your bills on time? Nyabag's REMINDER service helps you to remember all your important tasks on time.
  • Got a task that repeats daily, weekly, monthly or yearly? Enter your repetitive task once and Nyabag will automatically follow up it for you.
  • Choose from a wide range of color schemes and pick up a language of your choice.
  • Get daily digests about your tasks.
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